social initiatives

Noble High-Centred learning


At Noble High, we firmly believe that foundation to rise is not only education, but in being human as well. That’s the reason why we encourage our students to make their mark in the world of social responsibility. By becoming part of a range of social initiatives, we motivate every child to proactively engage in social activities, thus laying the foundation of a better world.

Sparsh Special School

Sparsh is an NGO working passionately for the welfare of children with special needs and the destitute through a range of distinct social initiatives. The school aims to empower the special children through various learning opportunities so that special children continue to receive the support they deserve.

Project Shakti

Education doesn’t need to be gender specific as it’s a right that must be enjoyed by everyone. Project Shakti is an initiative that offers extraordinary and enduring educational experiences to girls with an aim to empower them and save them from exploitation. Since its inception, Project Shakti has come a long way in helping girls of all ages to lead a better and independent life.