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21 June 2017


21 June 2017


17 June 2017


Father's Day is all about cherishing the times our fathers have loved us, cared for us and stood beside us like a rock solid pillar. Their caressing hand on our head is the God Almighty's greatest blessing. Let us dedicate this beautiful day to them and relish the spark in their eyes while they narrate our engaging childhood stories to us.


05 June 2017


31 May 2017


Dedicated to build the capacities and capabilities of students, a teacher’s empowerment directly reflects on their students’ learning. Following this principle, our teachers ensure that they continue to learn to be able to teach better. This summer, they undertook enriching and knowledgeable workshops with a series of discussions, interactions and video presentations to augment their ability in identifying different ways to fortify students’ strength and raise them higher in future.

Noble High school supports teachers' development by training them well in various aspects of education like integrating story telling in teaching, dealing with the behavioural issues of students, counselling skills, conducive environment for learning & classroom management, teaching through experiential learning, multiple intelligence and team building skills.

These workshops pay special attention towards enhancing their professional expertise in motivating and counselling students and pave the way for shaping young learners and successful achievers.


23 May 2017


Mathematics is essential to build analytical thinking and logical reasoning in students. At Noble High, we believe that learning is made interactive and exciting with hands-on activity; it encourages students to explore the practical implementation of important mathematical concepts.

Noblites from Grade 5 participated in the Maths Lab Activity to learn the concept of ''Multiplication'' and applied the concept in solving problems. Such learning experiences encourage students to think critically, precisely and learn with better understanding.


20 May 2017


With summer season in full swing, our young Noblites beat the heat with fun-filled summer activities like juice making, dancing to the music beats, reciting poems and sharing some great facts about the season.

In a special assembly on ‘summer season’, students came dressed in colourful costumes and recited lovely poems to share some wonderful tips on having a good time in this hot and humid weather. The school atrium vibrated with the enthusiastic spirit of our young Noblites as they participated in various exciting and frolic activities and gave some best cherished poses with their friends.

The respected Principal, Mrs. Nitu Chanan addressed the students and advised them to learn something new and tap their talents during holidays, follow a disciplined routine, lend a helping hand to their parents and spend quality time with their grandparents.


20 May 2017


Noble High strongly believes in making learning joyful so that a child learns better and faster. Teachers at Noble High engage the students in experiential learning so that they enjoy learning and also gain knowledge.

Experiential learning always leads to a better understanding of concepts. With this thought practical demonstrations were conducted to help Noblites, learn about the presence of nutrients in food. Middle school students conducted various experiments to test the presence of starch, proteins and fats in various food items. They learnt about how different tests of food nutrients are made to identify these nutrients. For e.g.-to test the presence of protein in food, copper sulphate and caustic soda should be added to the food solution and if it turns violet, presence of protein is confirmed. Such activities make the subject logical, simpler and interesting for the students to understand, learn and remember.


16 May 2017


Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” John C. Maxwell
Noble High celebrated a time-honored tradition of nurturing young students through an Investiture ceremony which deeply resonates with the school’s philosophy. The ceremony marks a significant beginning of the new academic session in the school as they don the mantle of responsibility.

Along with the Guest of honour, Ms. Anchal Agnihotri, the respected Principal of Noble High, Mrs. Nitu Chanan bestowed the students with badges of responsibility and inspired them to reach the pinnacle of success. The charismatic oath instilled confidence in their intention and capabilities.

Parents of the Student Council members felt proud and were delighted to witness the coronation of their wards as one of the worthy members of Junior Student Council. The prestigious event was culminated by a vote of thanks proposed by the young Head Boy & Head Girl.

12 May 2017


There is no love in this world greater than that of a mother for her child. Celebrating this precious and unconditional love of a mother, a special assembly celebrating 'Mother's Day', was held at the Noble High school.

The day began with a special assembly where Noblites presented poems, speeches, songs cherishing Mother's contribution to a child’s life. The students also gave dazzling performance on heart-touching songs and dance sequences. As a token of love and gratitude for their mothers, they offered special hand crafted gifts and bouquets to them.

It was a memorable moment indeed to see Noblites valuing the greatest bond of love on earth- mother’s love!


04 May 2017


With an aim of developing and enhancing the public speaking skills in children, an enriching and enjoyable 'Recitation Competition' was organised for grades II to VI of Noble High.

Young Noblites participated in the activity very enthusiastically; each one of them brought different subject inspired from the things that they use in everyday life to their favourite cartoon characters, fruits, books etc. Not only did they learn from their own participation but the activity also witnessed peer learning at its best.

It was a wonderful sight to witness students expressing themselves through innocent words and actions roped in with melody, cute smiles and giggles. It was indeed a great opportunity for the students to nurture their skills in voice modulation, expressions, body language and confidence of speech and presentation.


28 April 2017


"Dance with your heart and your feet will follow."

With this beautiful thought, the dazzling feet of our young Noblites danced to the tunes of Indo-western fusion beats to celebrate the World Dance Day.

The audience witnessed an exquisite day of mesmerising dance performances on the most enlivening and thrilling occasion of Dance Day. Noblites were bedazzled by the spectacular dance performances beautifully staged by the dance enthusiasts.

It was truly a joyful moment to see them performing with so much confidence and joy. The day gave our students an ideal platform to showcase their creativity. Celebrating such lively events in schools delivers a beautiful message to one and all: to celebrate Dance, to revel in the universality of this art form, to cross all cultural and ethnic barriers and bring people together with a common language – Dance.

28 April 2017


The more you read, the more things you'll know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.

With this belief, our young Noblites celebrated the joys of reading at the English reading competition, for the students of Grade II - IV. The activity was organised with the aim of inculcating the habit of reading among students and lead them to befriend new words.

Such interesting competitions pave a way for active engagement of students in reading that leads to fruitful learning and their academic progress. This further enhances their ability in making new sentences and enrich their fluency and reading speed.

22 April 2017


The Noble High school celebrated Earth Day in the school premises, with a slew of activities to promote environmental awareness.

Banners and colourful charts that read "Go Green'' and "Plant a tree today'' were put up. Children also learnt the importance of preserving planet Earth. They participated in creative activities like slogan writing, card making and poster making, displaying their artistic and linguistic skills while making a point about conserving natural resources. Students and staff members took a pledge during the occasion to keep their surroundings and classrooms clean.

The celebration reaffirmed the belief that the we should respect our natural inheritance and take good care of the planet.


13 April 2017


Keeping with the traditions of celebrating festivals with cheer and jubilation, Noblites were introduced to the rich culture and heritage on the propitious occasion of Baisakhi. They beautifully soaked in the colours of Punjabi attires and depicted the beauty of the harvest season through a skit presentation. Punjabi folk songs and dhol beats resonated in the school premises setting the mood of festivity.

Such rich and vibrant festivals of India are a testimony to our diverse tradition and culture and when celebrated in school bring students closer and create a strong bond between them.

07 April 2017


World Health Day is observed every year on 7th April and marks the foundation of World Health Organisation (WHO). Our young and enthusiastic Noblites gladly celebrated the occasion that draws attention to the important health issues that are faced by the world each year.

Teachers at Noble High elaborated the importance of healthy food to the students through a collage making activity where Noblites beautifully created collage on classifying healthy versus unhealthy food.

A healthy mind lies in a healthy body; it is important to condition the young minds with this thought and bring their attention towards the importance of understanding the benefits of good health.

06 April 2017


After the overwhelming response for Noble High, Sushant Lok, Gurugram, we are pleased to announce the opening of our 2nd branch at Munirka, South Delhi. With the motto- ‘to learn is to rise’, Noble High invites you all to join the new academic journey. For more information/admissions kindly contact: 7838654039

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30 March 2017


The school premises buzzed high with a sense of excitement and eagerness as we welcomed our students of Noble High to the new academic session 2017-18. It’s time for the Noblites to embark on the new academic journey of learning and innovation.

As Noble High commenced its new session for the year 2017-18, teachers gave a very warm and joyful welcome to the students. They were eager to come to school and meet their teachers and classmates. The school premises were filled with a wave of enthusiasm and energy that filled the hearts of the new students. The jubilance of coming to the school was clearly visible on their gleaming faces.

The entire Noble High family welcomes all the students and looks forward to have a wonderful learning experience with them.

29 March 2017


It is not the modern infrastructure that creates a school but the students who enliven the building and turn it into a school.

The Noble High school nurture and cultivate the high-spirited souls with the motto- 'to learn is to rise'. The cheer in their innocent laughter, the spark in their pristine eyes and the unconditional love in their serene heart, enlivened the countenance all around. The credit of turning a building, into a place of learning, joy and merriment goes to our chirpy champs.

For the students and staff members, it's time to cherish each and every moment spent at the happenings of the Noble High school. With this journey of knowledge, learning and laughter; the liveliness of our students will surely continue to re-live the beliefs and confidence in all upcoming years.

Thank you all for your commendable support and kind love!

25 March 2017


'The first few rungs of success in life are built in the school years.'

Noble High believes in an education system that emphasizes on academic excellence with the amalgam of extra-curricular activities. The House system is a long-standing tradition that creates healthy competition, promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and develop a sense of belongingness among the students.

Every house has its own significance and promotes students' motivation, active learning, peer communication and thereby the overall development. House of Knights portrays righteous, gallant and diehard fighters; House of Laureate portrays learning, knowledge and fearlessness of our Noblites; House of Viceroys speaks volumes about excellence that goes far and wide to fly the flag of victory; the members of Dukes are majestic in their conduct, imposing in presence and victorious in combat.

Through the four powerful houses of Noble High, skills like leadership, sportsmanship, responsibility and decision making are woven into students curriculum with unparalleled ease.

14 March 2017


"A daughter is no less than a son if nurtured the right way and given equal right to education."

The occasion of International Women's Day witnessed great happenings at Noble High, where the students, through a special assembly, touched the sensitive social issue “Save the girl child” and highlighted the importance of women empowerment.

To offer an understanding of the social issues relating to women, our zestful Noblites presented a captivating skit on the male dominant society. The skit gave a tribute to some inspiring female personalities of India like Mary Kom, Kalpana Chawla, Kiran Bedi and Mother Teresa, who have brought glory to the nation with their extraordinary contributions. The students also presented an alluring dance to reflect the aspirations of women.

Such learning events give a platform to the students to bring a social change in the patriarchal mindset of any society and are a reflection of a promising future for the women.

10 March 2017


Holi, one of the most vibrant and exciting festivals of India, was celebrated with a splash of colours and a sequence of skit and speeches by the ever so excited Noblites in the special assembly by Grade III. The students soaked in the sundry colours of joy, happiness, merriment and truly enjoyed the splashing festival of Holi.

Such celebrations help the students to appreciate the richness of our Indian heritage, understand the multi-cultural society and sum up some memorable experiences.

06 March 2017


Instilling healthy eating habits in the early childhood classroom learning is a powerful way to teach the students how to choose nutritious over unhealthy food. At Noble High, nutrition concepts came alive with a variety of hands-on and engaging activities.

Teachers of Grade prep engaged their students in the healthy versus unhealthy food activity where the students beautifully created a collage on classifying food on the basis of nutritional values to reflect upon the healthy and unhealthy food. The teacher then elucidated to the students about the importance of nutritious food. It was great fun and also encouraging for the young Noblites to learn about everyday food in a new perspective and teach them how the nutritional value of various food groups has a specific role in promoting good health.

04 March 2017


To invoke blessings from Goddess Saraswati and to celebrate the beauty of Spring season, a special assembly was conducted at Noble High.

The queen of all seasons, Spring is that time of the year when winter comes to an end and the fresh air is all around. Noblites welcomed the onset of spring season and the school was abuzz with festive spirit. Noblites from Grade 1, presented a lovely skit and dance where they elaborated the importance of the season and its beauty, where the days are very pleasant and the nights are comfortable.

Young ones adorned lovely attires and looked every bit like radiant colorful stars ready to brighten every ones spirit.

03 March 2017


Lord Shiva is a symbol of knowledge, fearlessness, purity of thoughts, and spirituality. Thus, on the occasion of Maha Shivratri, Noblites exhibited a great display of ritual and customs performed in the festival through a skit followed by a dance performance. Beaming with enthusiasm, Noblites truly enjoyed the festivities and also learned the importance of the occasion.

03 March 2017


Sports are essential part of a student’s life as it teaches life lessons like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, accountability, and teamwork. The much awaited annual sports day held at Noble High witnessed enthusiastic students participation amidst great mirth and verve. Once the races began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes. The Sports day event showcased the skills and exercises practiced by our young sports enthusiasts. The teachers in the audience and the pleasant weather were the perfect boost for the students on their very first sports day at the school.

20 February 2017


At Noble High, we believe that educational excursions and trips are a valuable learning experience which promotes the social and holistic development of students. They are fun experiences that promote learning. Noblites went to the amazing picnic spot, 'Never Enuf Railway Garden' where they enjoyed the beauty of landscaping, laying tracks and the scooped out ponds. The chugging of trains seemed as if welcoming the Noblites. They saw the beautiful garden-like tracks where they developed a new vocabulary and were taught various terms like G Gauge, H Gauge, how the engine works; they were amused to know how the bogies of a train are connected to each other. The lovely trains departed their friends with a promise to see them again.

16 February 2017


Sports and games impart a sense of discipline, fellow-feeling, and togetherness among the students. Liveliness and ardor filled the air and the rhythm of beating drums hit the ears as Noble High school jubilated at its first Annual Sports Day - 'Victory March' on 16th Feb 2017. With the alluring presence of the honorable Chairperson, Mrs. Sudha Gupta, her beguiling charm added an aura to the event. She acknowledged the young achievers for their extraordinary efforts in the exciting events like teddy race, fill in the basket, zigzag race, hurdle race etc and 50 mtr sprint, 100 mtr sprint, sack race. The Knights won the overall Best House Champions Trophy. Heads held high and hearts filled with enthusiasm, Noblites proudly stood by the honor and glory of their school.

09 February 2017


"Everything around you is mathematics. It doesn't just exist in the books but follows you at every step of life."

To promote experiential learning and students' interest in learning mathematics, Noble high celebrated its very first Maths week. The students of grade I to V were exposed to stimuli that encouraged rational thinking and applying mathematical skills to analyze and interpret various life situations. It was a week packed with lots of fun, creativity and learning that included measurement activity, maths quiz and relay race where Noblites fetched every bit of it. An interesting and a fruitful brain-storming session of mathematical puzzle activity was also organized each day where all the students and the teachers took active part. Noblites went beyond the boundaries of books to explore the field of mathematics and thoroughly enjoyed all the activities.

04 February 2017


Experiments are a great way of learning by doing. The students of Noble High were shown an audio visual to make them understand the cause of volcano eruption. There was a spark in their eyes to learn more and they tried their hands-on the experiment as they prepared a functional volcano model. They were thrilled to prepare it by themselves. They prepared the earth's crust with the help of plaster of paris and observed the lava slowly oozing out of the volcano which excited them that was actually the colorful soda that they used to create the molten lava. Such laboratory experiments promote a student’s ability to collaborate effectively with team members in carrying out complex tasks, to share the work, to contribute and respond to ideas. Their expressions while seeing the completed project, were worth capturing that portrayed the power of small wins.

25 january 2017


The 68th Republic Day was celebrated with all its solemnity and grandeur at Noble High school on 25th January 2017. The day began with the unfurling of the flag, followed by the chants of the National anthem. Noblites saluted the national flag and pledged themselves to uphold the honour and integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is “India”. Students' performance on the patriotic song and drill display by the tiny tots fascinated one and all. With the release of the balloons, Noblites dispersed with the image of the three colors in their minds

21 January 2017


An eventful Saturday morning saw the energetic Noblites getting ready for Inter-house cricket competition for grade III, IV and V. The Cricket match was played among the four houses: Laureates, Dukes, Knights and Viceroys. Knights were the winners and Dukes declared as the runners up. The match was played in a fantastic spirit by all the students where they displayed their sport skills.

21 January 2017


The sports ground was buzzing with applause when the enthusiastic champs of Noble High landed at the ground. With loud cheers, the excitement began for the inter-house dodgeball competition among the four houses: Laureates, Dukes, Knights and Viceroys. With a fantastic level of sportsmanship, the teams played really well and two teams became the joint winners of the competition- Knights and Laureates.

18 January 2017


Friendship is the greatest gift of life, they say. To help students learn the value of friendship, a story telling session was conducted on the theme ‘A Friend in need is a Friend indeed’, by the teachers at Noble High. They actively participated in the session and understood the meaning of having good friends. Enacting stories has a positive influence on children and has the potential to do wonders to their cognitive as well as emotional development.

13 January 2017


Noblites celebrated the festival of Lohri with a vibrant fanfare in the school premises. While the teachers elaborated the importance of the festival, the students relished the warmth of the bonfire. The young Noblites danced to the tunes of traditional songs of Lohri and offered popcorn, jaggery, rewri and gajak to the holy fire. They prayed for the goodness of all and also thanked God for His prosperity bestowed.

01 January 2017


In a fun mask activity, Noblites got the opportunity to learn interesting facts about animals. Animals have certain traits that make them mysterious and exciting for children hence; raising their curiosity in a good way to promote self-learning in students. Through this activity the teachers creatively engaged the students and helped them learn more about the animal kingdom by fostering and nurturing their feelings of love and concern for animals.

01 January 2017


At Noble High, we engage our students in activities that promote a deeper understanding of concepts. Following the same, we conducted a laboratory session for Noblites where they experimented, observed and understood the composition of soil and its various types based on particle size. Thus classified it into sandy, clayey and loamy soil. This session not just increased their interest in science, but also allowed them to learn through hands-on experiments.

31 December 2016


The festive spirit was everywhere at Noble High as students dressed in their best to welcome the New Year. The event was especially marked by enthralling performances. Students and teachers bid adieu to the previous year and opened the doors to the New Year, hoping to welcome happiness, joy, good luck and prosperity in 2017.

24 December 2016


At Noble High, Christmas festivities are an occasion to come together and celebrate the joy of the season. By sharing songs, traditions, and food, students strengthen their friendships and begin new ones. In the air filled with merriment, students and teachers rejoice in celebrating the true spirit of Christmas.

22 December 2016


It was a time for the grateful hearts meeting their humble benefactors when Noblites welcomed Sparsh students. They thanked Noblites for their generous contribution made for Sparsh. Noblites were overwhelmed by this warm gesture and greeted the Sparsh students with wholehearted fondness and adoration.

19 December 2016


Students of Noble High School showcased their talents through annual cultural extravaganza. The programme commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by our honorable chief guest Mrs. Sudha Gupta and other dignitaries. The cultural programme started with a melodious orchestra performance followed by a delightful ‘welcome dance’ by pre-nursery students. The glimpses of our incredible country were presented through a skit and various folk dances. The student enthralled the audience with their wonderful performances and the parents were full of cheers and applause for the students.

9 December 2016


It is truly said that “The nature has music, for those who can hear it!” Noble High realizes the importance of building environmental consciousness in the students and thus, the students are often taken out on Nature Walks. This lets them spend wholesome days, socializing with their dear friends and teachers under the shade of Mother Nature. The blossoming flowers, lush green grass, mighty trees, sneaky squirrels and chirping birds warm up the hearts of the students and this ensures that we are raising an environmentally conscious generation.

26 November 2016

MATH LAB ACTIVITY: For better understanding through experiential learning

Mathematics is essential to build analytical thinking and logical reasoning. At Noble High, we ensure that our students love the subject and our pedagogy includes Math Lab Activity. It encourages students to explore the practical implementation of important mathematical concepts. Students of Grade 3rd participated in their weekly Maths Lab Activity to learn the concept of ''Fractions'' and applied their knowledge to fraction one whole into 1/2, 3/5th and 2/3rd. Such learning experiences ensure that students learn to think precisely and look at the world from multiple perspectives.

26 November 2016

Sports-a key to healthy mind, body and spirit

There is an old saying, ‘A healthy mind lives in a healthy body’-such concepts and teachings are very well given at an educational institution, a school. Teachers build a student’s interest in sports by encouraging them to participate in the physical activities to develop a healthy body, to promote physical as well as mental growth and to encourage them to achieve their goals. It boosts sportsmanship and creates an understanding to appreciate the integrity and teamwork in sports. It is a moment of sheer joy to see the students go beyond the classroom teachings to reap the benefits of physical training. This is a stepping stone to establish life-long habits of healthy living.

15 November 2016

Humble Contribution to Sparsh Special School by Noble High Family

13 November 2016

Noble High Celebrates Guru Nanak Jayanti with Fervor and Gaiety!

Noble High celebrated Guru Nanak Jayanti with great enthusiasm and gaiety. The celebration started with a special assembly where the students and teachers talked about the life and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The spiritual ambience of the occasion prevailed in the atmosphere and the students were enlightened with the teachings of the Guru.

13 November 2016

Children’s Day Celebrated with the Spirit of Childhood

Children are like unmolded clay; they can easily be given the desired shape with soft & steady impressions! Rejoicing this extraordinary notion, children’s day was celebrated with immense joyfulness at Noble High.
The teachers extended their warm wishes & blessings to their loving students in a specially arranged assembly. Remembering the icon of this day, Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, they witnessed a spectacular time in the company of their teachers & classmates.

03 November 2016

Kudos to the Twinkling Toes of Noble High!

Students of Grade 3 at Noble High participated in the Annual Inter School Festival organized by Lancers International School, Gurgaon. The theme of the fest was "One Planet, One World, and One Community".
Our students performed with utmost poise and confidence and won the second position. Congratulations to our little twinkling toes; they made a mark for themselves and left a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of the audience.

28 October 2016

Festivities of Diwali Brighten up the Premises of Noble High

Diwali celebration was a cheerful & heart-warming occasion at Noble High. The students were delighted to decorate their classrooms & school premises with handmade motifs & flowers. Amidst all the festivities, they did not forget to share the meaningful message of 'say no to crackers', which displayed their concern regarding the well-being of our environment. Wishing all a very happy Diwali with all their hearts, they spent a memorable day.

17 October 2016

World Students Day; Honoring Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam!

“An ideal student reflects all the good qualities and presents him as a model for other students.” October 15th, Dr. Abdul Kalam's birthday, is being observed as World Students Day. This day is a celebration of multiculturalism, diversity, and cooperation among students across the globe. It has become an occasion for the schools to celebrate and reminisce the teachings of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. A healthy interaction between students took place that showcased the teachings of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. They spoke about his essentials to become an ideal student. Activities like finding his books from the library, learning quotes by him also took place. According to him, students should have an aim in life, acquire knowledge through all possible sources, work hard and never accept defeat by the problem, always defeat the problem and succeed.

07 October 2016

Celebrating the festive spirit of Dussehra at Noble High

To reflect the festivity of the season, the students of Noble High celebrate Dussehra with much gusto. The festival of Dussehra signifies the victory of good over evil and happiness over gloom. A special assembly was conducted in the school where students lament the inspiring extracts from the story of Ramayana. To mark Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana and to reinforce the message that good always triumphs over evil, students brandish the entire episodes graciously.

2 October 2016

Endearing the Virtues and Ideals of Gandhi!

Humanism, Compassion, and Non-violence are the principles that Gandhian philosophy talks about. He showed courage and conviction in standing up to adversity and embracing the truth. In his own way, He became the change he wanted to see in the world. The students from Noble High took the opportunity to throw light on the relevance of Gandhian philosophy. They beautifully depicted the life of Gandhi by paying a tribute to Bapu through a special assembly that was organized by the school. The day was marked by the chants of the patriotic song that filled patriotic gusto in the environment.

12 September 2016

नोबल हाई की उड़ान राष्ट्रभाषा की ओर!

भरपूर उत्साह और हृदय में तरंग लिए नोबल हाई के विद्यार्थियो ने हिंदी दिवस मनाया | बच्चो ने पूरे उत्साह के साथ स्पेशल असेंबली में हिस्सा भी लिया | बच्चो का उत्साह देखते ही बनता था | यह दिन नोबल हाई के पन्नो के लिए एक यादगार दिन रहेगा |

12 September 2016

Celebrating the spirit of Sacrifice on Eid

Popularly referred to as the ‘Festival of Sacrifice’, Eid was celebrated with great fervour and joy. Students at Noble High took part in the celebration to acquaint them with its significance, stories and legends, as well as associated traditions and customs. They celebrated Eid with the deeps of their hearts & warmly wished their classmates & teachers to make it a meaningful day for all!

13 August 2016

National Flag raises high on Independence Day

"Freedom in Mind, Faith in the words; Pride in our Souls. Let’s salute the Nation!"

Early morning, the whole school was basking in the glory of the colors of freedom. The occasion embarked with the hearty welcome of the guests, hoisting the National Flag. The students gave wonderful performances that created an aura of National pride. Together, the performances and the presence of the guests furled a patriotic spark to the audience. It took years of efforts, non-violence and sacrifices by our national leaders to attain freedom. Remembering their supreme sacrifices, the students took a pledge towards maintaining the unity and integrity of the country. With great enthusiasm entire atmosphere was filled with nationalism, en-lighting India's stand for progress in spite of its diversity.

06 August 2016


Friendship means understanding, sharing, caring for each other and thus creating memories that last forever. On the eve of friendship day, the students came together to celebrate the spirit of friendship with the Chairperson. They greeted her warmly and tied friendship bands on her wrist. The Chairperson lovingly welcomed them and showered her blessings on them. They enjoyed the day interacting with her and spent quality time with her. Such thoughts and impressions encourage children to value relationships and understand the true essence of friendship which lies in giving rather than taking.

04 August 2016


Friendship means understanding, sharing, caring for each other and thus creating memories that last forever. On the eve of friendship day, the students came together to celebrate the spirit of friendship in a special assembly. They enjoyed the day with their friends and spent quality time with them. Such thoughts and impressions encourage children to value relationships and understand the true essence of friendship which lies in giving rather than taking.

08 July 2016

Noble High Takes a Pledge to Save Trees on Van Mahotsav

“He who plants a tree, plants a hope” – Lucy Larcom

On the occasion of Van Mahotsav, young nature enthusiasts of Noble High school came together to celebrate the day with great enthusiasm. A special assembly was organized, wherein meaningful messages about the importance of trees were discussed with the students and how flora and fauna plays a critical role in maintaining the equilibrium of nature. The students were also made aware of the declining number of trees, the harmful effects it has on earth, and the initiatives we must take to put an end to it. Children from different grades also did a ceremonial tree plantation together and pledged to do their bit to preserve trees and save the environment.

06 July 2016

Noble High Celebrates Eid-ul-fitr with Full Zeal

Apprising young children to the rich diversity of India has been a constant endeavor at Noble High. Keeping up with this approach, the auspicious festival of Eid-ul-fitr was celebrated with joy at the school. The day began with a special assembly, wherein the significance of Eid was shared with the students. Senior students also presented an impressive act on the stage, where they played the role of Islamic brothers and told everyone the importance of Chand Raat. The students were also shown a PowerPoint presentation to let them learn the true essence of Eid-ul-fitr. The children were inspired to spread the message of love, kindness and peace among mankind.

28 June 2016

Teacher Training - Getting Together to Expand the Knowledge Horizon

Great teachers nurture great students. The role of inspiring and informed teachers is the most important in enhancing the skills and achievements of young learners. Keeping up with this approach, the teachers of Noble High school undertook enriching workshops and training sessions with the objective to keep themselves well-equipped not only with the subject matter, but also with the latest teaching techniques and developing a deep understanding of student psychology.

The training sessions included a series of group discussions, interactions and exchange of ideas, to enhance teachers’ potential in augmenting the students’ learning. Such workshops are opportunities for all the teachers to come together to learn and develop new ways, practices and methods to guide students in their ardent endeavors and motivating them in rising to their goals and aspirations.

08 May 2016

Noble High Students Show Love and Gratitude to Mothers

The role of a mother is foremost when it comes to shaping the personality and upbringing of a child. She is the ultimate source of unconditional love who nurtures her children throughout her life. With this in mind, Noble High organized Mother’s Day celebrations to express love and gratitude to all the mothers of the world.

The day began with a special assembly where our children presented poems, speeches, songs on the importance of Mother's contribution to a child’s life. Teachers also shared with the students the importance of mothers in our lives. It was truly a special day for everyone, filled with lots of love, emotions and sentiments.

29 April 2016

Noble High Promotes the Art of Dance on World Dance Day

International World Dance Day, which falls on April 29th annually, was celebrated with enthusiasm by the students of Noble High. The objective behind the celebration was to promote this beautiful art form and increase the awareness of the importance of dance among students. Various mesmerizing dance performances were presented by the students on the day. It was truly a joyful moment to see them performing with so much confidence and joy. The day gave them an ideal platform to showcase their creativity and bring it alive on stage.

22 April 2016

Noble High Stands United to Save Mother Earth

On the occasion of Earth Day, our young students from Noble High came together celebrate the day with fun and vigor. The day began with a special assembly wherein students were introduced about the relevance of the day and why it is important to preserve nature. Our students participated in a range of activities to showcase their love and dedication towards mother earth.

13 April 2016

Noble High Celebrates the Festival of Baisakhi

On the auspicious occasion of Baisakhi, our students of Noble High came together to celebrate the season of harvest with great fun and enthusiasm. A special assembly was conducted to mark the occasion wherein children enjoyed learning about the significance of the day. The program was organized to showcase the rich and vivid culture of Punjab. The students were dressed beautifully in Punjabi attires to grace the occasion. Vibrant and enthralling dance performances were also presented by some students depicting the true spirit of the harvest season. Overall, it was a day thoroughly enjoyed by both the teachers as well as students of Noble High.

4 April 2016

Noble High Commences its New Academic Session

We are delighted to share that Noble High commenced its session for the year 2016-17 from today. Excitement and enthusiasm seemed high as children entered the school premises and relished each moment of their first day at school. Teachers also looked eager to welcome new students and introduce them about the school and their classmates. The beginning of a new session is always an auspicious time. It’s time for new beginnings, new hopes and dreams. Noble High looks forward to providing a wonderful learning experience to its new students.

1 April 2016

Parent Orientation Program held at Noble High

With the endeavor of welcoming new students and parents in the next step of their educational journey, Noble High conducted a very interactive Parent Orientation Program on 29th March, 2016. The program aimed to provide parents and students resourceful information about the school, its education system, facilities, and everything they could expect in the upcoming session. It was an enriching experience for everyone presented there. Parents showed their active participation during the program. Children also got the opportunity to become familiar with their future classmates, enjoy the various activity centers of their new school. Noble High School looks forward to welcome the New Joinees on 4th April, 16 as we commence the Session 2016-17.

30th March 2016

Noble High Team Celebrates 20 Years of Mother’s Pride

With Mother’s Pride completing its 20 years, the team Noble High took this opportunity to meet Mrs. Sudha Gupta, the honourable chairperson of Mother’s Pride, and congratulated her for successfully completing this journey of two decades. What began in 1996 is now one of the most loved and awarded preschools in India. The team expressed its heartfelt greetings to the founder of Mother’s Pride and wished that the school continues to reach greater heights of success for years to come.