Noble High-To Learn Is To Rise!

As the environment plays a crucial role in fostering knowledge among students. The campus of Noble High is carefully designed to inspire education and encourage fun. The infrastructure of the school is framed in a way that helps students unlock their potential and open their minds through practical learning experiences.


At Noble High, we aspire to develop well-rounded children, both academically and socially. To achieve this aim, our classrooms are designed to give students complete freedom to explore ideas and get inspired by each others’ work. The classrooms employ the latest techniques to help learners gain education with the sole purpose of inspiring creativity and knowledge.

class room



Your children can expand their horizons of knowledge in our fully equipped library. Here, we have created an innovative space that allows students to develop an innate love for reading. We have a huge collection of books pupils need to enhance their access to knowledge. The school library as the powerhouse of knowledge has multiple resources that allow students to make sense of the information they need to help themselves.

Computer Lab

At Noble High, we give value to computer-based training as a source of imparting practical knowledge to our students. By connecting education with technology, students can cultivate skills that they can carry throughout their life. The lab is fully integrated with a number of computers that help students learn the basics of visual presentations, website designs, along with the use of various software tools. Our computer lab allows students to understand the true meaning of research and knowledge that is not always available in textbooks.

computer lab

Science Lab

science lab

At Noble High, laboratory activities are designed to engage young minds, so that they can contribute their skills in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology. As science is different from any other subject, it’s important for students to look beyond the conventional classroom space and understand the concepts through practical training and research.

By combining classroom teaching with laboratory experiments, we help students to understand the true relationship between action and reaction. Our lab is fully equipped with the latest devices, models, and experimental tools to make it easier for students to grasp the complex theories of science.

Mathematics Lab

With a high quality mathematics lab, we train our students to think, analyse, and articulate logically. At Noble High, we consider Mathematics a subject that demands analyses and reasoning, and that’s the reason why we encourage our teachers and students to perform collaborative math lab activities.

With the help of Mathematics lab, students can learn cause-effect relationship in a fun and creative way. It’s a place where a huge collection of games, tools and teaching aids have been compiled to make learning mathematics an interesting experience. The ideal setting of the entire lab gives more scope for individual participation through different mathematical activities.

mathematics lab

Sports Room

sports room

Noble High offers keen learners a range of indoor and outdoor games for their overall physical and mental development. The school has a fully-equipped sports complex that caters for a range of sports activities, including badminton, table tennis, volleyball, martial arts, and more. All sporting takes place in a sophisticated manner and the activities are monitored by our highly professional coaching staff.

Activity Room

At Noble High, we have successfully implemented the concept of the activity room, wherein students are given complete freedom to unleash their creative and imaginative side. The activity room boasts a spacious design that provides support to a plethora of activities such as yoga, dance, music and more.

The entire room is designed in a way to help students to discover themselves and develop nurture their natural talents. Activity room plays an integral role in preparing the artists and leaders of tomorrow.

activity room